Know your macromolecules, cell parts and functions inside and out. This application is designed to take AP Biology practice exam on the go without internet on your mobile … These are some of the ‘big ideas’ that you can expect to see on the AP Biology exam. *9 out of 10 claim based on responses each year to an annual survey about Kaplan students who were admitted to college as of May 2012, May 2013, May … AP Biology can be an intimidating course: it is famous for the breadth of knowledge that its students must learn, but what separates it from a regular biology course is the depth of information that a student is expected to know. Make a Study Plan. We invented test prep—Kaplan ( has been helping students for 80 years, and 9 out of 10 Kaplan students get into one or more of their top-choice colleges. Request your free trial and see why our users say USATestprep has improved their students' pass rates. Ships from and sold by If you would like help as you prepare for the AP Biology exam, check out the bios of our experienced AP Biology tutors here: A Primer on the HSPT and SSAT for Parents. Know photosynthesis and cellular respiration well enough to give a mini lecture on it. 2020-2021 AP Test Changes Due to COVID-19 Due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, AP tests were held remotely in 2020, and information about how things will work for 2021 still evolving. This article will take you through the structure and scoring of the AP Bio exam and give you some key tips on the best ways to study for AP Biology. In this blog, we will offer some practical and actionable suggestions for studying for this year’s AP Biology exam. $ 59) is one of the most comprehensive study plans available. Cracking the AP Biology Exam 2020, Premium Edition: 5 Practice Tests + Complete Content Review + Proven Prep for the NEW 2020 Exam (College Test Preparation) The Princeton Review. Given the uncertainties of the 2020-21 school year, some students may feel unsure about taking AP Exams in May. On the second section of the AP Biology exam, you'll get four short-answer questions (in addition to two long questions). However, this practice test also has other information that makes it more helpful. Test names are the property of the respective trademark holders, none of whom endorse or are affiliated with Kaplan. Whether you’re looking for AP Biology practice exams or one for AP Art History, these websites will help you in your quest for a good score. It clearly lays out the course content and describes the exam and the AP Program in general. Exam Content and Format. • Section I is 1 hour, 30 minutes and consists of 60 multiple-choice questions, accounting for 50 percent of the final score . You can be sure that the questions are accurate representations of what you'll see on the final exam.Unfortunately, I could only find one official practice test for the new version of the AP Biology test since the format and content changed so recently (2012). However, if you don’t want to spend extra then we have another great option for you is Princeton Review AP Biology Premium Prep, 2021: 6 Practice Tests + Complete Content Review + Strategies & Techniques (College Test Preparation). Starting in 2020, however, the exam will no longer have any grid-ins.Yay! Cell structure and function. We know students—every explanation is written to help you learn, and our tips on the exam structure and question formats will help you avoid surprises on Test Day. Look for the newest edition of this title, Princeton Review AP Biology Prep, 2021 (ISBN: 9780525569435, on-sale August 2020). Instead, find ways you can study actively (read: effectively). It isn’t necessary to memorize, for example, all twenty amino acids, but it is important to know that differences in these twenty amino acids stem from differences in their r-groups.
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