Blick also offers a wide selection of drafting tables for professionals, students, and classroom settings. Stationery Supplies. Pennine Drawing & Office Supplies are leading suppliers of Architectural and Technical Drawing Office Supplies and Equipment. 29.7 x42.0 cm Bear in mind your order will take between one and five days to be made, with shipping time on top of … All rights reserved. You can browse through these sites’ stationery stores. 59.4x84.1 cm Mega Stationery SuperStore. Blick also offers a wide selection of drafting tables for professionals, students, and classroom settings. Designer Style Bag Archies Online is a one-stop-shop to buy the perfect gifts for the ones you hold close to your heart. I needed a portfolio binder so I came here hoping they'd have a good selection, and they did! Architecture Supplies. To view our range of products, visit our website today. They had the really nice Pina screwpost binders for $20 cheaper than what I saw it online for and I do believe they can do the laser engraving on the binder if you wish to have your company logo … The price range here hardly tends to go above INR 300. 265mm without opening Size in mm:120mm x 90mm, Staedtler noris compass set contains compass with integral universal adapter, Contains: Compass , extension bar, universal adapter and lead box, Contains: Set of compass,U-adapter,pencil, eraser etc, Contains: Compass, extension bar, Universal adapter etc, Contains: compass , extension bar, Universal adapter, technical pen adapter etc. From rulers, protractors, triangles, straightedges, T-squares, compasses, and curves, to materials for scale models and the tools to build them, Blick offers drafting supplies and architecture supplies both basic and complex. Our team of experts understand the variance of human emotions and spend countless hours in putting together thoughtful gifts that help you express your feelings to your … Size in inches:36" x 24" Size in inches:24" x 18" Shop by. Designer Style Bag List of best Stationery Stores in Chandigarh. Staedtler noris compass set containing compass 550 55, sharpener 510 50, eraser, small pencil, 2 set squares, ruler 15 cm and protractor. Shop our broad selection of technical pencils and pens, drawing and illustration markers, illustration pens, and other tools of the trade. Find drafting vellum, sketch pads, plus drafting, layout, tracing, and transfer papers. You would even stumble on art and stationery supplies that you’ve always wanted as a kid. Erasers, Sharpener & Other Accesories (144), Camel White Bristle Brush (Economy Range) (6), Pebeo White Bristle Brushes (Economy Range) (25), Winsor & Newton Series-7 Kolinsky Sable Brush (3), PEBEO GALA & MISTRAL SERIES OF BRUSHES - FOR ACRYLIC AND OIL (42), Lana Aquarelle Watercolour Paper Blocks (18), Linoleum Sheets, Carving Block & Tools (28), Colour Wheel - Colour Maps for your imagination (14), Prisme Fantasy & Moon - Special Colours (9), Mijello Mission Gold Watercolour 15ml (126), Dr. PH Martin's Hydrus Watercolour 30ml (38), Fine Tec Handmade Watercolours (Made In GERMANY) (59), Winsor & Newton Artist Oil Colour 37ml (111), Sudha 68 Liquid Acrylic Colour 500ml (12), Sudha 68 Liquid Acrylic Colour 100ml (33), Camel Heavy Body Acrylic Colours 40ml (30), Winsor & Newton Galeria Acrylic Colour 60ml (60), Liquitex Basics Acrylic Colour 118ml (70), Liquitex Basics Acrylic Colour 400ml (25), Classmate Asteroid Mathematical Drawing Instruments Box, Deepak Designer's 'L' Scale 2 feet (3250), Isomars Architect Combination Template 1853 (1:50/1:100), Isomars Architect Furniture Template 1854 (1:200), Isomars Technical Compass Set of 4 (CS04), Maped Stop System Compass with Lead Holder, Maped Study Compass with Mechanical Pencil, Architecture Drawing Stand + A1 Size Wooden Board, Isomars Architect Combination-II Template 1849 (1:50), Isomars Architect Furniture Template 1877 (1:200), Isomars Architect Furniture Template 1879 (1:50), Isomars Template 8001 Human Figure-FEMALE, Nalanda Adjustable Set Square Calibrated 20cm, Nalanda Adjustable Set Square Calibrated 25cm, Nalanda Adjustable Set Square Calibrated 30cm, Nalanda Parallel Bar (Four Pulley Marked) 105cm, OLFA A1 Rotary Cutting Mat (36"x24") (CM-A1), OLFA A2 Rotary Cutting Mat (24"x18") (CM-A2), OLFA A3 Rotary Cutting Mat (12"x19") (CM-A3), OLFA A4 Rotary Cutting Mat (12"x18") (CM-A4), STAEDTLER Professional Compass + Extension Bar, Complex Architect Combination Template 1876, Complex Architect Combination Template 1885, Complex Architect Furniture Template 1854, Complex Architect Furniture Template 1877, Complex Architect Furniture Template 1878, Complex Architect Furniture Template 1879, Complex Architect House Furnishing Template 1896, Complex Architects Combi Template II 1849. Shop our broad selection of technical pencils and pens, drawing and illustration markers, illustration pens, and other tools of the trade. Your Account; Login / Register; Change Currency ; Pennine Drawing & Office Supplies uses cookies. Your basket is empty. We source technical drawing supplies from leading manufacturers and are able to offer you a complete solution for your drawing office. Product Code:A051 RELATED: The 25 Best Architect Lamps. From numerous paper materials (pick from cartridge, handmade, Canson, gateway, coloured chart and newsprint) to different types of art supplies (paint, pastels, … See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Architectural Supplies in Kansas City, MO. Please … Stationery items:Pens,Notebooks,Sketchbooks,Color xerox/Photocopy ,xerox copy,printer paper,Color Printout,office stationery,register,pencils,black or white board.Get contact details,address,maps on Stationery Shops near me in Chandigarh, India Nalanda Drawing Instruments 15 items. Cutting Mat 9 items. Dimension: 594x841 mm Used to store papers, portfolio works etc.. Shop by. Architectural and Technical Drawing Office Supplies and Equipment. Shop No: 171-172, Justice Pratap Singh Building, IOA Complex, First floor, 69/35, Royapettah High Road, Chennai - 600014. If you think it is too much of an effort to go to a stationery store near you and buy art supplies, then you could buy stationery online from popular shopping sites.
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