You must keep it in a very dry place and in a well-sealed container. Of advertising copy, dialogue and long-term story for several network soap operas, magazine articles and high-calorie contents for the cookbook: Cooking: It AIn't Rocket Science, a bestseller on Amazon! Simply select the type of Splenda Product you want to use from the menu below, then the amount of sugar … You have to over-mix the egg whites when mixing to dissipate the sugar granules. Make a date syrup. Measure out the granulated sugar, assuming a 1 to 1 equivalence between granulated sugar and superfine sugar. Butter is one example. Granulated Sugar Substitutes Caster Sugar (also called castor sugar or superfine sugar) Caster sugar is just granulated sugar that’s been ground to a finer consistency, so it’s an excellent substitute for granulated sugar. Some call it baker's sugar; others refer to it as superfine sugar. Most sources will, however, recommend a food processor. It'll take just 1 to 2 minutes for the sugar to become finely ground, but be careful that you don't grind it so finely that it becomes confectioners' sugar. Baking insiders know to go to the bakery department of their favorite grocery store and ask for "baking sugar," knowing they're getting caster sugar. An example is C&H Professional Baker’s Sugar. A Web Experience brought to you by LEAFtv, How to Replace Granulated Sugar With Powdered Sugar, The Difference Between Powdered Sugar & Confectioners' Sugar, How to Substitute Powdered Sugar for Granulated Sugar. This sugar is often used to make meringues. But for cooking purposes, you can make do quite well with your own ground up version. Certain recipes, such as meringues, ice creams, and sponge cakes might specify a superfine sugar. The crystals are larger than granulated sugar, so the purpose is defeated. Superfine sugar. White granular sugar is used as a substitute for caster sugar. Blackened Fish Tacos with Creamy Coleslaw. If you do not have superfine or caster sugar on hand for a recipe, you can blend your own by processing regular granulated sugar in a food processor for about a minute, or until it is powdery. Types: white, golden The Spruce / Zorica Lakonic. The equivalence is simple, 10 grams of sugar equivalent to 1 gram of a sweetener. Plus, the problem with a food processor is that unless you have a mini processor, you have to do a large enough amount to cover the blades well. But the grind is uneven and by the time you are able to produce a superfine sugar, some of it will have turned to powder. Powdered sugar is the dust form of granulated sugar that vastly known as confectioner’s sugar. It’s also called bar sugar since bartenders use a superfine sugar for some cocktail recipes, instead of a simple syrup. You can turn dates into syrup — real syrup that involves boiling the dates and … It is actually just superfine granulated sugar. Baking Tips. Golden caster sugar is a fine granulated sugar that is made from unrefined sugar cane or beets. Uses: baking, cocktails. Caster sugar and granulated sugar are both sugar, but caster sugar is more finely ground. Fast Facts. Both regular sugar and caster sugar react differently to changes in temperature and the ingredients they're paired with. When I'm not writing, I'm cooking! Cover the food processor's lid with a kitchen towel. It should feel smooth between your fingertips, not gritty. In grocery stores, it will tend to be more expensive than both brown sugar and confectioner’s sugar. While the two sugars can be used interchangeably, the proof of the difference is in the pudding. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. American sugar producers finally realized that American cooks like to bake and are particular when it comes to ingredients. Caster sugar texture lies between the texture of conventional sugar and confectioner’s sugar. Confectioners sugar, sometimes labeled 10x, also contains cornstarch. The suggested ratio is 1 3/4 cups powdered sugar for 1 cup regular white sugar. Superfine sugar, due to its extra-fine grain size, will of course form lumps more easily than regular granulated sugar. If you do a lot of cakes where you have to cream butter and sugar together, you’ll like it much better than granulated sugar. into a solid mass. This is also just a part of trying to produce large amounts in one go. But when it comes to sugar and caster sugar, they're NOT the same thing. The first thing to know is that it is probably not a good idea to substitute regular granulated sugar, as they behave differently and if someone bothers to specify caster or superfine in a recipe, there is probably a reason. Go with whatever you’ve got in the cupboard. And it does make a difference in your baking results. Making caster or superfine sugar can be easily done with a regular electric coffee grinder like this Hamilton Beach Coffee Grinder.  A food processor can also work, and it would stand to reason that this would be superior for larger jobs, but a coffee grinder produces a fine sugar very quickly and evenly. However, typical grocery store confectioner’s sugar is 10x (10 times finer) and this is hard to achieve at home. It’s great for grinding spices as well, for example. It's mostly sold to the food service industry, but I've had good luck finding it in Asian supermarkets in the Boston area -- it comes in 5 lb. The coarser the sugar you use, the more evenly your icing sugar will blend. Learning about castor sugar substitutes and their properties will guarantee that you’re never caught off guard when this relatively unusual ingredient is called for in a recipe. Since it is finely ground, it dissolves easily. You can use this as a caster sugar substitute. India Tree Superfine Caster Sugar is a popular choice. You will often read that caster sugar is used “for cakes and biscuits” and in American that means “cakes and cookies.”. Caster sugar/castor sugar/superfine sugar is a fine form of granulated sugar. Superfine sugars will incorporate more quickly in whips and dissolve more quickly in creamed mixtures. It works well for sweetening meringues, as well, where it incorporates more widely and quickly than granulated, without the corn starch that is present in powdered sugar. Steps to Make It. When mixing a batter using regular sugar and butter, it takes a lot longer to break down the grains of sugar so they're not evident in the batter. Caster sugar, often spelled castor sugar, is a term that is used in Britain, but most of us here in the states have never heard of it. And using brown sugar in place of caster sugar affects the color and taste of your recipe. This kind of sugar is often called for in baking and it will dissolve even in cold drinks. The fine granules break down differently, with caster sugar adding more lift and flavor to specific recipes. You’ll have a mixed blend of fineness. Or, you can use a mortar and pestle and hand grind the sugar. They studied their market and realized that superfine sugar was the backbone of Latin American coffee drinks. It is used in baking as it dissolves more quickly than granulated sugar. Caster sugar is slightly finer and dissolves more easily, but in my experience, this doesn’t affect most baking recipes if swapped with granulated sugar. The rest is Dixie Crystal history. A coffee grinder, you will find, is useful for a lot more than just grinding coffee. To make … Not to be confused with confectioners’ sugar or powdered sugar, which are not the same thing and much more powdery in texture. The addition of sugar is a key reason for cake’s tenderness, due to the way it interacts with other ingredients when heated. And the next time you make a creme brulee or meringue for a Pavlova or French macarons, use caster sugar. You can use either granulated or castersugar. Want to turn your favorite dessert recipe into a less added sugar version? Many commercial brands of powdered sugar also include cornstarch to keep it from clumping, so it can make sauces or glazes thicker than if you used white sugar, but according to Betty Crocker, you can substitute it for white sugar in baked goods with no problem. While you shouldn’t replace caster sugar with granulated sugar, caster sugar can often be used in place of granulated and may perform better. Up-scale supermarkets also offer caster sugar in small packages at large prices. To make superfine sugar, they use a different process that results in finer crystals. baker’s sugar [bey-kers shoog-er] noun. It is unfortunately fairly unique to the UK. A professional term for super-fine granulated sugar (far left in the photo; regular granulated is center; coarse sugar to the right). However, if you produce a powder, it will work fairly well in a pinch. Considering that the Hispanic population drinks a lot of sugared coffee, the extra fine grind that dissolves quickly works best. Caster sugar is often chosen as a compromise between regular granulated and powdered sugar in pastry doughs, as well, as it gives some of the functional advantages of powdered sugar (workability) with a little more sweetness to the tongue as with regular sugar. One look on the internet for a specific dessert, and you'll find an Asian recipe, a French recipe and even a British recipe. I DID become a writer. If you have a grinding attachment, this may work better. Add 1 teaspoon of cornstarch to one cup of regular granulated sugar for this, and make sure to add the cornstarch to the sugar before you grind it. Beware of substitutions that include demerara sugar. And the next time you make a creme brulee or meringue for a Pavlova or French macarons, use caster sugar. It makes sense, then, to use granulated if you have it, but caster also does a pretty good job. It can cost up to twice as much, per pound, than regular granulated sugar. Dump some regular ground sugar into a food processor or blender; cover it with a towel to subdue the dust that flies out; and turn on the machine. Do not mistake powdered confectioner’s sugar for superfine or caster sugar. Look for the light brown bag of sugar on the shelf in your grocery store and see "extra fine" written on the front of the bag. It's not confectioners' sugar, and it's not granulated sugar. No other recipe adjustments are necessary. Pour it into a food processor fitted with a metal blade. For making glazes or icings, however, stick to confectioner’s or icing sugar (they’re the same thing). The first thing to know is that it is probably not a good idea to substitute … Caster sugar is still granular sugar, which has a smaller grain than the normal sugar. Powdered Sugar. And using brown sugar in place of caster sugar affects the color and taste of your recipe. If your recipe calls for caster sugar and you don’t have any on hand, it may be tempting to use powdered sugar as a caster sugar replacement. If you can’t find superfine sugar of any kind at your regular grocery store, or if you are just in a pinch because you have a recipe that calls for caster sugar or super fine sugar (not confectioner’s, icing, or powdered sugar), don’t fret, you can make your own. Also referred to as bar sugar or sugar superfine sugar, caster sugar is granulated sugar ground very fine. There IS a difference. In French cooking, it’s called sucre semoule. You can make caster sugar yourself. You can also turn granulated sugar into powdered sugar the same way. This can take 1 to 2 minutes for large amounts in a food processor, but in a coffee grinder it should will probably take less than a minute and may be done as quickly as 30 seconds. This sugar is so finely ground that without added cornstarch it would cake. Granulated sugar = everyday table sugar; Caster sugar = superfine sugar = bakers’ sugar; So I recommend the smaller cup of a coffee grinder, and to grind your sugar in batches, so you can get a more even texture. A blender will work pretty well, too. In the UK granulated sugar tends to have quite large granules so is not suitable for baking. The same happens when making meringue. Domino does sell an extra-fine granulated sugar that sounds pretty close to that description of caster sugar. By all means, though, experiment and use the method that works best for you. Use one cup of caster sugar in place of one cup of granulated sugar. Most likely, all will have different names for the same ingredient, and interpreting them can get confusing. Sugar blends—made with granulated sugar, non-nutritive sweeteners, and ingredients that add bulk—tend to give better baked results, but your cakes, cookies, and muffins "still won't look or taste 100 percent like those made with sugar," Webb says. Raisins. In the United Kingdom, however, granulated sugar can usually not be used as a replacement for caster sugar, as the granules are too large to yield the desired consistency. Ethnic, Spanish grocery stores often have this sugar on sale, unlike regular grocery stores that mark the price a bit above granulated sugar but less than the little bags of specialty caster sugar. Please contact for permissions. Caster sugar substitute can be ground conventional sugar. In fact, sugar substitutes may cause you to crave more sweet and sugary foods . The important point to make is that it is a dry, free-flowing sugar. While caster sugar and granulated sugar are not exactly the same, they can be swapped 1:1 in baking recipes. However in the US granulated sugar tends to be finer and can be used for baking in some recipes, particularly if the butter and sugar are creamed together for a … Therefore, the next time you run out of caster sugar or merely averse to its taste, don’t fret for you know what to do. If you've baked for years without using caster sugar, you might want to consider investigating the difference between it and regular sugar. So along came big sugar producer Dixie Crystals. The difference is that they are not so fine that they are turned into a powder, such as in confectioner’s sugar or icing sugar, which, in the United States, has some anti-caking ingredients (like cornstarch, 3 to 5%) added to keep the sugar from clumping together. If you simply do not have or cannot find caster sugar, then there are few ways that you can substitute it, make your own, or even mimic the effects of caster sugar without even using it. Our answer. Your homemade version will tend to look a bit duller than a store-bought version, as you’ve roughed up the crystals. Substitutes for the Effects of Caster Sugar. When a recipe calls for caster sugar in a baked good, such as a cake, granulated sugar can be used as a substitute. Equivalents. Also called caster sugar. The crystals are larger than granulated sugar, so the purpose is defeated. This article contains one or more Amazon affiliate links. See full disclosure. The grainier the sugar crystal is, the more it allows the sugar to resolve and produce soft and light cakes. However, using powdered sugar instead of caster sugar could give your baked goods a thin texture that may even ruin your recipe. But paying a lot of money for that tiny bag doesn't fit into most budgets. Beware of substitutions that include demerara sugar. Try any of the above-stated substitutes for caster sugar and rock your dish. Equivalence between sugar and powdered sweetener. 1lb caster sugar = 2 1/4 cups. In America, you may find caster sugar labeled as simply superfine. Although you should probably avoid substituting regular sugar for superfine, you can usually substitute superfine for regular in most dessert recipes. Caster sugar can also be called superfine sugar or baker sugar. The granules won't be uniform, but they'll be finer than regular grind. Reader Leah Jordana has also let me know that in Canada, caster sugar is known as ‘berry sugar.’ If you are in Canada, you may be able to find Roger’s Berry Sugar in your grocery store. All content © 2019 by Eric Troy and CulinaryLore.  All Rights Reserved. Caster sugar is also known as baker’s sugar and superfine sugar and it’s good for baking because the sugar crystals are finer and dissolve easily and quickly. If you can't find or afford caster sugar, you can make your own. Baking is a science; we've all heard that before. Add a little extra granulated sugar, since some of it will turn to dust. If you need a substitute for caster sugar for making puddings, pies or pastries, you can use maple … A combination of white sugar and molasses is your best bet for a brown sugar substitute, as that’s exactly what brown sugar is made of (1). Some studies have even linked sugar substitutes to a higher risk of glucose intolerance or weight gain ( 42 ). And sugar is one of the scientific anomalies that must feed into our bank of bakery information. Now, grinding up regular granulated sugar is not how superfine or caster sugar is made in the sugar industry, and for that very reason, plus the lower demand, you’ll pay a premium for it, if you can find it at all. It does not contain any agent to prevent clumpy. If you can’t find superfine sugar of any kind at your regular grocery store, or if you are just in a pinch because you have a recipe that calls for caster sugar or super fine sugar (not confectioner’s, icing, or powdered sugar), don’t fret, you can make your own. What you are going for is a finely granulated sugar that is still free-flowing and dry, somewhere between regular granulated sugar and powdered sugar. Do Dietary Supplements Require FDA Approval Before Being Sold? It dissolves very quickly which is why it is preferred for drinks and some confectionery tasks.
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