moonlake from America on December 15, 2013: Thought I would add this to my Scoop-it. Grows to 30′. Most mesquites have thorns on immature growth, but thorn production will decrease as the tree matures and growth slows. Sharon, thank you for commenting and sharing your views on theses trees. Shyron E Shenko from Texas on April 27, 2015: Au fait, they say that something good comes from every thing and the good that is coming from the developer building across the road from us is the mesquite (i.e. Here are the characteristics that help them survive in the harsh desert environment. A clear sap oozes out from mesquite trees. If it is 31º for an hour, I wouldn't worry about it harming much of anything. Also changed the name on the attribution as requested. Appreciate it! When the conditions are favorable, that is, when the area is well irrigated, and the soil is fertilized, these trees can grow to an incredible height of up to 50 feet. These trees hold significant importance for humans and are essential for desert wildlife survival. It, too, has thorns that will puncture your tires. Here is Ms. Laminack’s response in my words, not hers. How do y'all treat mesquite thorn jabs? One important tip for pruning a mesquite tree: wear heavy gloves. The thorns look mean & nasty! I know from personal experience with allergies that an allergy may not be known to a person until that person’s skin is broken (scratched, cut, or torn in some way) by the allergen. It is considered an invasive weed in Australia, Asia, and Africa. If you collect fallen bean pods, you may notice small holes in the pods. They are trees that can tolerate nearly any abuse and survive if not thrive. Mesquite trees are incredibly useful trees. It sounds like you may be having an allergic reaction, but I would definitely recommend you get yourself to the emergency room pronto. Thank you for stopping by. So interesting about the mequite trees. Velvet mesquite trees have bi-pinnate leaves that are gray-green in color. C E Clark (author) from North Texas on January 26, 2015: C E Clark (author) from North Texas on January 25, 2015: Patricia (pstraubie48), thank you for reading and commenting on this article, and for G+ing, tweeting, and pinning it, and for the votes too! mesquite foliage shows damage from hail, insects, or disease. The flowers are quite long and appear in clusters of 2 to 5. Are there nature exhibits where I could learn more about mesquite? White mesquite trees are planted majorly for utilitarian and ornamental purposes. If you wish to add visual interest to the landscape of any property, you … The most striking difference is the difference in the shape of its fruit, which is screw-like. @rcorcutt, I hope your little brother's eye is okay and he did not lose his sight. Most mesquite trees will have thorns which can be very long or short and very sharp. These holes are made by bruchid beetles, which infested the fallen bean as larvae, when it was green and tender. I do agree, though, that their thorns are vicious. I'm glad you're rid of the mesquite trees since they were a thorn in your side -- no pun intended. It doesn't take a lot of some toxins to make people sick when those toxins seep into the ground water or the sewers. They should be able to answer any questions you may have about trees or plants in Hidalgo County, or the town of Mission. Having lived in Texas for a couple of decades, I never knew the background and history of this interesting species, although I've heard of its wood being used in grilling food. Hopefully he'll follow through and put houses instead of apartments on top of those mesquite trees across the road. They can grow as tall as 25 feet and can spread to about 35 feet. There are no safe rules for determining poisonous plants. White mesquite is a medium-sized tree that can grow to a height of about 5 to 15 meters. The agents there should be able to tell you all about the trees that grow in your area and much more. you will find several answers. Hope all is well with you also. Later in the spring season, yellow-green colored catkins appear. If you wish to retain flowering buds for the next season, it is recommended that you prune these trees after the flowers have bloomed. While many ranchers try to eradicate the mesquite tree, Clay Coppedge writing for Texas Co-op Power, says everything they have done to accomplish that end so far has favored the mesquite tree. Thank you. moonlake from America on November 05, 2013: Came back to share and pin this hub. Another issue that has come to my attention is that some people have very unpleasant reactions from being pricked by the thorns of a mesquite tree—aside from the physical pain and damage that often occurs. At least it was good that the bean pods are edible and nutritious and that wildlife can graze them when needed. Hope today is a new beginning for a lovely day for you. Mesquite trees are quite hardy and are well adapted to dry environments. Take care . Here in Texas, mesquite trees grow pretty much anywhere they want to. I always find it interesting learning about the different characteristics of trees and other plants for that matter. Haven't seen you for a few days. Bluebonnet flowers (Lupinus texensis), for example, are among the brief-flowering, native, spring wild-flower group that grows on roadsides and wild in open fields – stunningly beautiful.They can be cultivated in home gardens. Just need more time and more sleep and things would be better, but we could all say that couldn't we? They can survive drought and low light conditions as well. A couple of the things that make this tree so hardy is that it can adapt and do well in any kind of soil except soggy. The bark is light brown in color with straight and short spines. The semi-evergreen foliage is retained during warm winters and is shed in spring upon the breaking of the buds. It has a smooth surface when the trees are young, but as the tree ages, the bark changes its color to gray-brown and becomes rough. If it gets down to 25º below zero for 5 minutes or longer, that's another matter. It depends. I think I pretty well covered what you can expect from the mesquite tree.
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