The QuestBridge National College Match can be your pathway to a top college. Legitimate scholarships will never ask you to pay a fee, buy something, or attend a seminar. He has also enjoyed the extra support of being a QuestBridge scholar on campus and has made some close friends with the other QuestBridge students. It is legit but the deadline already passed in September and it is a competitive scholarship with very few winners. It’s scary to play dice with your future, but trust me when I say that you probably don’t know what you want at this point. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Did your son get a full ride by doing it? Then, you can get selected for "finalist" standing (about 1/3 of all people that apply). Is Questbridge Legit? Do follow up on it. My son has received information from them, and I have gone over their website extensively. While not a Questbridge scholar herself, my dd's best friends at college were Questies. I have NOT read through this forum, but it could have some worthy info. I'm wondering because I was going to do this as well. That means his subject tests will be too late for the schools that require them for QuestBridge. However, I did not provide a comprehensive record. Most QuestBridge finalists do not get into a QuestBridge school (there is data online). That's true even at need blind schools. High stats, low income, esp first generation should give it a shot IMO. For some like Chicago, WUSTL, Duke, Rice are there merit paths with perhaps a need based booster, yes. It's a fantastic scholarship with includes travel abroad, internships, private music lessons, winter clothing, and support. Amazing.. As in, I literally fell over (on the bed) and cried. But you'll get your decision in early December. Questbridge is definitely NOT a scam and is well worth trying if it applies to you and your student is open to where they attend college. The Well-Trained Mind is the guide that millions of parents trust to help them create the best possible education for their child. They are contacting you because the family income you gave on the ACT registration was low enough and your ACT is good enough to put you in range for the program. This is due near the end of september, about a month before any EA/ED deadliens. This is important for families to know in my demographic/income bracket- because all the fees- SAT, ACT, CommonAPP, Profile, AP exams, AP score sending, are so horribly prohibitive and cause so much anxiety. Is Questbridge a path to these schools, yes. Finally, I do not think I provided enough records for homeschooling. Sounds too good to be true, right? By the way, Barbara H, your blog is wonderful. Regarding QuestBridge, as well as fitting their financial profiel, I guess I would say we have a fairly compelling story. Is he looking at schools that offer bigger National Merit offers. However, our son would definitely not be the first generation to go to college, we're not minorities, and perhaps worst of all is the fact that while our income is small, we do have substantial home equity, which I've seen a couple people say probably led to their children not being finalists in the program. My son has been very happy with his school and the aid package he recieved (which was very generous and included two extra scholarships awarded in the summer to cover books and a future summer internship). How soon in the process do you find out for sure if you qualify financially? Some of the schools also required the CommonApp on top of the QB app for the match(not just regular decision.) Watch our video to learn more: My son has been getting information from them, and while we do meet their financial qualifications, I find myself wondering if he has much of a chance for their scholarships. How does the importance of prestigious national colleges vary by region? Here in cyberland we can't know all the other factors that might be coming into play to make your student more or less competitive - everything from great extracurriculars, to a compelling story, to regional diversity to an unusual interest, to brilliant essays, etc. I say apply for it if you can though. This is due near the end of september, about a month before any EA/ED deadliens. After that, it looks like for the 97% who don't win the CollegeMatch, there is the opportunity to apply to the same 35 really great schools via their regular decision. There's no guarantee, but there's no shot if they don't try and saving the app fees is helpful. Northwestern ED 2025 Discussion and Results. At that point, most of the colleges require students to apply using the Common App and basically applying just as other students do. We just received word that he is a National Merit Scholar semifinalist and he did very well on his SATs too. I did go through the QuestBridge process with my oldest son, and he was named a finalist. Not a scam at all. Questbridge is a scholarship program that aims to support low-income students of all backgrounds in the United States. Being able to multiple schools on ED for free is also a huge benefit. In certain areas CC can be quite useful. I did create the comprehensive record for my current senior after learning from the whole process with my oldest. Be wary if a scholarship is "guaranteed" or the offer claims "we'll do all the work." My twins were both QuestBridge finalists. September 10, 2014 in The College Board. Obviously, it would have been better if we had figured this out months ago. r/QuestBridge: A subreddit dedicated to QuestBridge, an organization that matches low-income but high-achieving individuals to the nation's top … I did provide course descriptions for some courses, etc.
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