Just finished a real "rock-and-roll" dinner this Friday night. Gurjali Maach -er Jhol (Salmon Fish with veggies curry) 27. Bengali and Macher Jhol always compliments each other. This post may contain affiliate links. Chicken curry .... light, soupy and flavourful , perfect for winter meals, Taler Pithe (Bengali Steamed Palmyra palm cake). MORE GREAT SIDES. I love trying out new recipes and giving them a twist of my own. Bhapa Rui. Twitter Facebook 3 Pinterest Pocket Telegram 1 Yummly. Ilish Mach er Matha die Kochur Mukhi (Taro Root Sabji with fried Hilsa head) 30. Lunch, New post is up on the blog ! If I talk about my favorite variety of fish recipes, then it has to be Doi Maach or Yogurt Fish Curry. 26. Bengali people never think about any special occasion without "Rui Machher Kalia". Moqueca (Brazilian Fish Stew) More Posts from this Category. The star attraction of the menu was Bhapa Maach (Steam Baked Fish). Katla fish pieces Mustard paste - I used white and black mustard seeds Coconut paste - I grind freshly grated coconut Turmeric powder Mustard oil Fresh green chillies Potato - sliced Lemon juice Salt How to : Marinate the fish pieces with salt, turmeric powder, mustard oil, mustard paste, coconut paste and lemon juice. I prefer to cook Doi Maach (or Ilish) whenever I am out of time but need to have a light fish curry. Hello!! VS. DAAB CHINGRI CREAMY FLAVOUR OF COCONUT * Pun Intended. Katla Fish(Maach) 2KG, We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Poultry and Chicken. Here I'm sharing that authentic recipe which all of the Bengali people love. In this recipe, the fish is steamed in mustard sauce, that infuses a beautiful … Stir well. Hello!! Please read the disclosure post. Hence the dish can also be called as Katla Maach Aloo diye Jhol, i.e., Katla Fish Curry cooked with potatoes. Mourala maach bhaja / Crispy fried small fish with spicy masalas After a long, torturous start to summer and the never ending days of unbearable hot days and nights, it … Katla bhapa In Bengali style/ Katla bhapa Bengali Recipe/ Katla sorse Recipe /Katla Fish Recipe Bengali/ Katla Mach Bhapa/ Katla Macher Sorse Posto Doi Narkel Bata # katlabhapa #katlabhapabengali We mostly opt for Ilish Mach or Rui/ Katla (Rehu) for making this delicacy. And what variety of dishes! Jeere Morich diye Murgir Jhol (Chicken Stew with Cumin and Peppercorn) Dimer Hingi (Egg Curry with Asafoetida) Katla maach steaks. Rohu is a most used fish in West Bengal in daily meal. February 2, 2014. I am planning to try my hands on this fish cuisine & fish finger recipe tonight for potluck. As every Indian knows Bengalis are fond of fish, they eat fish almost everyday in a week. Katla Maacher Jhol, in other words, Katla fish curry is an o nion tomato based gravy, however, we love some of our fish curries cooked with potatoes, therefore I've added potato cubes as per my family recommendation and need of taste. Remove cover and add the fish pieces and slit green chillies. #SteamedRecipe Microwave Steamed Fish in a Bengali Mustard Sauce recipe is fast and easy to cook and best part is, you don’t need any stovetop. Doi Maach recipe with a touch of Turmeric for those who desist white gravies. Just, Bapi places some petals of marigold, a gorgeous ye, Lau diye Kacha Moong Dal (Moong Dal with Bottle Gourd), Chingri diye Kolai Dal (Urad Dal with Shrimps), Lauer Khosha Bhaja (Stir-Fried Bottlegourd Peels), Ganadev Kaku’s Mulo Pur (Stuffed Radish, Bengali Style), Sheem Bhorta | Bharta (Mashed Flat Beans with Fried Onions and Raisins), Peyajkoli Posto (Onion Greens with Poppy Seeds Paste), Jeere Morich diye Murgir Jhol (Chicken Stew with Cumin and Peppercorn), Kathal Bichi diye Murgi (Chicken Curry with Jackfruit Seeds), Kancha Aam diye Mangsho (Lamb with Raw Mangoes), Kumro Patay Chingrir Bora (Fritters of Shrimps wrapped in Pumpkin Leaves), Shojne Phooler Bora (Moringa/Drumstick Flower Fritters), Koraishutir Patishapta (Savoury Crepes with Spicy Green Peas Stuffing), Christmas, the Anglo-Indian way. your own Pins on Pinterest Also, since it is a jhuri / jhura, the pieces are not kept whole but pulled apart into a mince. Macher Jhal is a very popular and authentic fish recipe of Bengal. I am Shireen Sequeira a Mangalorean living in Dubai. Reason? You may cook the recipe with Rohu fish, or any other form of large carp fish. The most important for a foodie like Roshan and me was the amazing number of restaurants that kept sprouting in the area we lived in. Macher Jhol, Macher Kalia, Macher Korma, Macher Jhal etc. Fish Bake, the Anglo Indian Way. Recipe:PeekNCook When ever Non-Bengalis come to know that you're Bengali, the first sentencecomes to their mind is 'Oh So you're fish lover and your famous Macher Jhol'.Oh please, don't judge a Bengali only with Macher … ( i used mustard oil , you can use any other oil preferably mustard oil ). Bhapa Maach. Step 5 : Slide the marinated fish pieces into the oil , preferably two at a time ( depending upon the capacity of your wok ) as shown in the pic. https://kitchenofdebjani.com/2015/01/shorshe-bata-diye-macher-jhal I learned this recipe a long time ago from a lady who was a fabulous cook herself. Discover (and save!) And fried till dryish. Cover and simmer for 10 more minutes. Pin. So there are different items are cooked with fish. The star of the dish is mustard sauce. Ilish Bhapa / Ilish Shorshe / Doi Ilish / Tel Ilish / Ilish Kalo jeera Kacha Lanka Jhol 29. Starting with maach bhaja to maacher jhol, this is a must for a hearty Bengali meal. Try Them All. Here is another Traditional Bengali Fish recipe Rui Bhapa or Bhapa Rui. The, Best memories are born around the table !! My tribute to the hundreds of Mrs. Bakers. Cover and cook till the vegetables are done. Learn the video tutorial here : Bhapa Maach (Bengali Style Steamed Fish in Mustard Sauce) 4. Rohu Fish Bhapa is a very popular fish recipe in Bengali Cuisine. No onions. Take a piece or pieces of any plain fish , add some beautiful masalas and spices is all that takes. And this maach makha or the maach er bhorta has been a childhood favourite of mine. bhapa maach (bengali style steamed fish in mustard sauce) Life in Mumbai was great for many many reasons. Lower heat. Hoping my guests would love them both. Katla Bhapa is best served with steamed rice. Hi, thank for sharing this unique fish dish in simple steps with images. The star attraction of the menu was Bhapa Maach (Steam Baked Fish). Katla fish 6 pieces Termaric powder salt and kashmeri red cilli powder as required Mashala paste 4 table spoon: includes- ginger cumin paste about 3 teaspoon,1 medium sized onion paste, 2 green cilli, 1 cardamom pod small cinnamon and 2 cloves Bay leaf, cumin seeds 1 teaspoon Whole cardamom pods 2 cinnamon small size clove 2 Whole green cilli 2-3 Nov 10, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Uma H.. I am Maumita and welcome to Experiences of a Gastronomad. Stay Connected. Loving reduced milk fudge. Get easy Multi-cuisine Chicken, Meat, Fish recipes which you can make at home easily. Primary Sidebar. BHAPA ILISH FLAVOUR OF RICH MUSTARD. Jan 24, 2017 - Just finished a real "rock-and-roll" dinner this Friday night. Doi Maach, one of the simplest fish curry recipe that I know. Reason? A slice of Gandoraj Lemon will be a great addition to the plate! I have already given the recipe of Rehu Fish Chunks cooked in Curd known as Doi Maach here. I am Maumita and welcome to Experiences of a Gastronomad. Copyright © 2020 Experiences of a Gastronomad on the Foodie Pro Theme, Dimer Hingi. Also Read: Authentic Fish Curry Recipe with yogurt & Poppyseeds. My blog on soul food, sweet nostalgia and random musings. SHARES. She taught me this recipe in her characteristic motherly way. No garlic. Step 4 : Heat oil in a wok. Read Recipe >> bhapa ilish (steamed ilish fish curry) ... rohu and katla which one is . Summer meant Dadu's house, the whole brood of cousins, gorging on sweet mangoes with sleepy eyes after a long afternoon siesta, after a cooling and tummy stuffing lunch of Thamma's panto.
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