11 Characteristics of the Proactive People The Proactive people Are those that predict consequences, risks and opportunities. Clearly Define Your Culture The first step to having a strong culture — one that leads to strong engagement — is documenting it. As you would with any business strategy or objective, define it clearly! Reactive people focus their efforts in the Circle of Concern–things over which they have little or no control: the national debt, terrorism, or the weather. Whether you’re middle or top-level management, forward-thinking leadership is the best way to manage. To start, work with your leadership team to define: Your company mission In the proactive culture, the top of the organisation is still driving safety but has created the potential to let those who are the subject matter experts take responsibility and accept it as well. Reactive or listening cultures rarely initiate action or discussion, preferring first to listen to and establish the other’s position, then react to it and formulate their own. It requires a commitment throughout the company. There are people at work who wait for directions before they do anything. Definition (Merriam-Webster) Controlling a situation by making things happen or by preparing for possible future problems. In addition, they act to anticipate and change the expected course of events. Proactive companies introduce new products in the market and, for this reason, can reap the reward much more than those who are reactive and readily follow the trend. A workplace culture is the shared values, belief systems, attitudes and the set of assumptions that people in a workplace share. Proactive Employee Definition. Hudson describes generative organisations as ‘the lunatics that are running the asylum,’ but not in a negative sense. Your culture is the DNA and backbone of your organization. They work on the things they can do something about: health, children, or problems at work. Proactive. Lead 7 Ways to Adopt a Proactive Mindset--and Achieve Success Research has shown that a "proactive personality" predicts entrepreneurial … Cultural Classification: Reactive. Implementing proactive accountability as part of your company’s safety culture means working together to find solutions and share responsibility. For example, at my company CultureIQ, a business providing company culture-management software, we define culture along 10 qualities common to high-performance companies. Reactive cultures listen before they leap. A sustainable and progressing culture of safety will not succeed until all levels … Continue reading … Each member of your team must do their part in pursuit of the company’s common goal. Involved in the activities of a group or organization : participating in an action or activity ... Indian Culture vs Western Culture. Proactive leaders, on the other hand, take responsibility for their management roles by engaging and cooperating with their team, leading by example, and always looking for ways to improve. General culture History biology Other phrases Literature. Active. Doing things that require physical movement and energy. Proactive people focus their efforts on their Circle of Influence. Culture is the environment that surrounds us all the time. Though both approaches are workable in today’s society, it is clear that the proactive approach is more rewarding.
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