These totes range from collapsible market totes to dressy … Hello Karen, So excited to start this project, but I have had some issues! I am also struggling with the 24 inch circulars. Knit a market tote using Patons Hempster, a cotton and hemp blend yarn that’s strong and soft. If you are happy with the fabric as is, you can continue and your bag will turn out wider than ours; however, you may want to have an extra skein of yarn on hand as it will take more yardage to knit the bag at a looser gauge. We have knitted 3 repeats already to show the … I am using Lantern. When you are picking up your stitches around the base you only need your circular needle. As you knit the body on Row 1 (wrong side): Slip 1 knitwise with yarn in front (wyif), *p1, slip 1 (see Notes) with yarn in back (wyib), repeat from * to last stitch, k1. Knitting the body on circular needles doesn’t require a purl stitch, like the base of purse does. You are correct that the finished circumference of the bag is 25 inches, but some people find that they can stretch this many stitches around a 32 inch needle or use a modified version of Magic Loop to accommodate the smaller circumference, but I am surprised that your 24″ needle is still too large! Do I not understand the measurements correctly? My provisional cast on scrap yarn seems heavily intertwined with my working yarn. The slipped stitches within the stitch pattern create a dense fabric that will also help to keep its structure. Thanks for reaching out! Loving the look of the stitch so far! Because you start right away with the stitch pattern, the One-Step Provisional Cast On does become quite entangled with the working yarn, so you will probably have to manually unpick it from each stitch. We are so glad to hear that it all worked out! I am binding off, and the stitches don’t add up. You will not be adding 24 more stitches in this step. After you knit the base, you could turn your work 90 degrees and pick up the 61 stitches for one side. There may be a very small amount of shrinkage (like 2%), so stick with handwashing for garments. I’m wondering about stretching. Hello Lesllaney, I had the same question as Kathy, and Marilla cleared it up for me as well. Hello Kathy, Laura, Hi Laura Please change my e-mail address to the one listed above. Hello, I hope this explains it! Hi! A beautiful store in New York City, Purl Soho has an equally lovely blog that showcases projects made from the goodies they sell. Hello! Your email address will not be published. With the yarn being nubby, I’m having some trouble picking up stitches. I made two last year and the beautiful Dew Blue arrived in the mail this morning for my third bag. Just want to make sure. The needle size will depend more on you than the pattern and whatever needle size gives you gauge is what you should use! In general, you should assume that the gauge given in a pattern is the post-blocking gauge unless otherwise specified. I wish you had more items knitted flat, or flat/round versions. A true beauty! I too had a terrible time with this gauge. -Marilla. See more ideas about Purl soho, Knitting patterns, Knitting. You will be picking up every slipped stitch created at the beginning of these rows on the long side of the rectangle. How to Knit a Simple Bag. Do i use it during the provisional cast on and does it have to be in a different color? The pattern states “[K1, slip 1 wyif] 12 times (24 stitches), bind off 61 stitches knitwise, [slip 1 wyif, k1] 11 times, slip 1 wyif, place previous 24 stitches on stitch holder or scrap yarn, bind off to END of round.” You will have a total of 25 stitches left on your needles (and 24 on a holder). All of that said, all that really matters is that you do get gauge in the stitch pattern. Some patterns will give both a blocked and unblocked gauge which is helpful, but otherwise, it’s a good practice to block your gauge swatch before measuring! Thanks for reaching out! BOOKHOUのプロジェクトトートバッグを入荷しました。使いやすいサイズのトートバッグ。マチがしっかりあるので、たくさん物が入るし、安定しています。上側にレ … I love your patterns and your yarn but unfortunately most of them require knitting on the round,. Discover (and save!) What do you recommend if you have too few rows (36 rows = 4 inches instead of 50), and too many stitches (40 stitches instead of 27 = 4 inches). I have a question about where the “A few yards of sport or light worsted scrap yarn” comes into play for this pattern! I hope my question makes sense. Row 2 (right side): Slip 1 knitwise wyif, *k1, slip 1 wyif, repeat from * to last stitch, k1. All rights reserved. Best Thanks for reaching out! I love the White Smoke but think a darker color would be better for me. Thanks for reaching out! I am on size 8 needles. While you could theoretically use the same yarn for the provisional cast on, I wouldn’t recommend it as this will make it very difficult to find the stitches to remove and pick up. Thank you! Thanks for writing in! I read the reply to Marsha Malin, but it doesn’t fully answer my issue. To get untwisted stitches on the front, every time I go the next direction I have to knit or purl through the back of the stitch because it’s twisted. Thanks for reaching out! I am having trouble with the gauge for the tote. What do the bigger numbers in brackets mean? Jul 13, 2020 - (Mostly) Free Knitting Patterns. I’ll try a 2 now that i’ve read your comment. Thanks Juliana! What level of difficulty would you call this pattern? I read “slip one knitwise”, and thought it meant knit. Knit it for you or your favorite bag-user… This Simple Knit Tote, with its perfect form, detail without fuss, and slouchy-cool structure, is our kind of everyday hero! The whole circumference of the bag is only 25″, so I am not sure how that could work. I must be doing it wrong somehow. Thanks. Required fields are marked *.
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